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I'm a writer. Becky Cochrane and I wrote THE DEAL together, as well as THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE by Cochrane Lambert. We've edited an anthology together, FOOL FOR LOVE: New Gay Fiction, which was recently published by Cleis Press in January of 2009.

I also helped write IT HAD TO BE YOU, HE'S THE ONE, I'M YOUR MAN, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, and WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME with three friends under the pseudonym Timothy James Beck. My short stories have been anthologized in BEST GAY LOVE STORIES 2005 and BEST GAY LOVE STORIES: NYC Edition, as well as Lawrence Schimel's THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEW GAY EROTICA. Richard Labonte asked me to select stories and write the introduction for his BEST GAY EROTICA 2007 collection for Cleis Press.

I live in Houston, Texas, with my writing partner, Becky, and her husband, Mr. Becky. So far, I've yet to destroy their marriage.

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