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April 2011


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everything's coming up River.

...and out of River. I just took him for a short jaunt, and he pooped out a big chunk of stick.

My last post, which caused some concern (thanks, guys), was because we got some more info on River, aka BGYLM. A woman in the 'hood saw one of our signs and called us. She said she'd found River the big goofy yellow lab mix a few weeks ago and described him to a T. She was the one who put the green collar on him. WITH NO TAGS! Not even, at the very least, her phone number. Which she could've even written ON the collar with a Sharpie, if she didn't want to shell out for tags. But, I digress. At least she tried to care for him, and took him to a vet. Where she learned that he had an ear infection, a skin disease (that's treatable, and one that I can't even say, let alone spell), and that he has heartworm. River was isolated at the vet for two weeks, because the Neighbor Woman has two male dogs, and River also had kennel cough. After isolation, he went back to Neighbor Woman, and he bit her while she was feeding him.

Well, all this was pretty bad news. Which was why I did my Life Sucks sometimes post last night. We didn't know what to do, and things were looking bad for poor River. Heartworm is serious stuff, although, most of the time it's treatable. It's just time consuming and tricky, not to mention costly. Plus, there was the biting issue. Neighbor Woman advised us to put him to sleep, which she was all set to do, until he "got away from her."

River has been nothing but sweet to all of us here at The Compound. He follows me everywhere, craves attention, smiles, rolls on his back for belly rubs, loves to play, loves to walk, loves everyone he sees on our walks, loves (or ignores) other dogs, loves Becky's dogs, Margot and Guinness, and even wags his tail sometimes when Lazlo walks into the room and hisses at him. This is an agressive dog? I don't think so.

Today I talked to the vet that Neighbor Woman took River to see. After explaining that I found a dog that she'd seen, she said, "Oh! The big goofy yellow lab!" She said River's heartworm condition is probably at Stage 2, if that. Which basically means that it's treatable, probably hasn't entered his other organs, and he should come out of treatment okay. The worst of it (for us) will be keeping him in a crate for a month and not letting him jump and run around, because as the heartworms die, they dislodge before the body absorbs them and could enter his lungs and kill him if he's too active. He also needs lyme dips to treat the skin parasites, which isn't infectious to us or the other dogs, and his ears probably need cleaning and treating.

The vet also explained that River bit Neighbor Woman because River was eating from one of her other dog's bowls, and she tried to take it away from him. Ohhhhh! No wonder. Won't be a problem around here. He'll have his own bowl, and won't ever eat near Margot and Guiness.

So, he should be okay. The vet, Dr. Ward, gave us a rough estimate of Five Hundred dollars to get River back in shape, and we're going to go ahead with it. He's ours. Once he's heartworm free, we'll have him neutered. I explained it all to him on our walk today, and he looked at me as if to say, "You mean you had doubts. Please. I'm yours."

And then he shat the stick.