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tuesdays with rexford

Rex never H8s.

no such thing

For everyone who knows my tendency to shy away from social scenes, feel free to congratulate me for going WAY outside of my comfort zone today. A while ago The Twitter and The Facebook sent me notifications that the NOH8 campaign would be holding an open call at Texas A&M in College Station today. Half my brain said, "Hey! There's something I believe in. I can support that. I'm going, damn it." The other half of my empty head said, "Gosh, that's kind of far. And the crowds of people that will be there--you know I don't like crowds. What if you have a panic attack and my lung collapses while I'm there? What then? And you know you won't have clean underwear on if that happens."

But that was then and today finally arrived, and I went. The only bad thing that happened was that I got lost trying to find the right building on campus, but I found it and everything was good. I wanted to bring Rex with me, but I didn't know if I'd be allowed to bring him into the building where the photo sessions were taking place. And then I remembered how "those people" are often keen to suggest horrible things about gay marriage and dogs, and that certainly isn't the message I wanted to send, so Rex stayed home. But Becky took the above photo when I came home. There's NOH8 in Rex's heart.

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