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April 2011


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perfect day

The Big H has been keeping me very busy, lately. She insists upon growing teeth, which has resulted in me adding "personal chef" to my job description and resume. She also insists upon being a picky eater. Before you seasoned mothers hit the comment button and inundate me with your stories of how to get a one year old to eat anything, and before you tell me that her pickiness isn't very unique, that's not what I meant. What I mean is that she's picky about when she eats, how it's presented to her, and what's going on around her while the food is being served. Furthermore, she might not want chicken and broccoli if she's wearing jeans on a Tuesday. If it's before noon on a Friday, she'll have carrots with mac and cheese, and hold the utensils, because that's finger time. If there's a dog around her at feeding time, you might as well rename him Lucky, because she's all about sharing her food with the dogs.

On the plus side, it's fun to take her around town on errands and different outings now. She's always game for whatever. If I say, "Hey, Hanley. Want to go get coffee?" She'll reply, "Go, go!" Granted, for all I know, that could mean she has to go to the bathroom. Or, she could want me to leave her alone. But I always take it to mean Sure, Tim. Let's go! Wherever you want. I'll drive. Needless to say, I drive. She's got a lead foot.

The other day we picked up Margot from the vet and dropped her off at The Compound, which Becky mentioned in her LJ here, with photos. Afterwards, we stopped by the Menil, but they're only open Wednesday through Sunday, so we went there today, instead. The exhibits were pretty much the same as the last time we were there, aside from one new Cy Twombly exhibit, Treatise on the Veil, which I thought was really interesting. Hanley kind of yawned at it, as if to say she could do that. Other than that, we'd pretty much seen everything before, aside from a few paintings here and there in the other rooms. (None were paintings of Jesus.)

Once again, she loved Jasper Johns. She said, "Uh-oh," this time when we stopped to look at the Rothkos. I assured her they're supposed to look like that. We rounded a corner in the surrealist rooms and came face to face with a huge sculpture of a dead horse splayed in the middle of the floor with a sign plunged into its torso that read INRI. "Holy crap!" I exclaimed. Hanley waved at the horse and said, "Hi!" Then we left and went to Starbucks.

little big H

Update: I did some research and found that the horse sculpture is by Maurizio Cattelan. More info for anyone intrested can be found here: Maurizio Cattelan's First Solo Show in the U.S. Since 2003 to Open at the Menil Collection