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April 2011


my (our) books

Fool for Love When You Don't See Me

Someone Like You I'm Your Man

He's The One It Had To Be You

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


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don't argue

Yesterday The Big H and I had our first real argument since I started working at Hanley Incorporated. It happened just after we picked up some coffee at Starbucks after dropping off paperwork--medical records and microchip information on Paco the Pirate--with Lynne at her place of employment.

I should stop here and explain something, first. I can't remember when, but a long time ago I stopped drinking coffee and mentioned as much in an entry somewhere or other in my LJ. A few people wrote to me and asked me how I did it, because they'd tried at various points in their life to quit coffee with less than successful results. I suggested they collapse a lung, because that's how I did managed it. There's little reason to be bright-eyed, alert, and bushy-tailed when you're laid up in a hospital bed. Anyway, I didn't have any coffee whatsoever for an entire year, but in 2009 I started allowing myself a grande non-fat no-whip mocha every now and then as a reward for doing a good job and not leaving Hanley at the playground or selling her to the gypsies. I don't count a random mocha as real coffee, but if you do, feel free to consider me a grande failure.

Anyway, I'd just buckled The Big H into her car seat when she pointed at me and said, "Mama!" I shook my head, pointed to myself and replied, "No. Tim." She frowned and said, "Dada."

"Tim," I said.

"Mama," she countered.









We kept on, back and forth like that, the rest of the way back to Hanley Inc. I parked and said, "Tim," one last time before I got out of the car, foolishly thinking I had the last word. I walked around the car to the passenger side rear door and, after I opened the door, The Big H smiled brightly, waved and said, "Hi!"

She won.