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April 2011


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The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


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Over the weekend I noticed that Rex seemed to be limping and favoring his left paw. Nothing seemed visibly out of the ordinary, but whenever I tried to physically examine him, his lip would quiver and he'd glare at me, which is Rex for I'm about to bite you, even though I don't want to do so, so please stop. As far as I could tell, something seemed to be wrong with his dewclaw. Whenever I'd get near it, the lip quivering would begin. Injury or not, as usual, because he's Rex, this could only happen outside of the vet's regular office hours.

I kept a careful eye on him all day Sunday, and he seemed fine. But, sometimes, he'd cry out while playing with Pixie. Or, he'd play for a while and limp afterward for a little while. However, after a nap he'd run around as if nothing ever happened. If something did happen, that is, because I had no idea. Finally, I decided I'd take him to see the vet on Monday, if he continued to lick his paw, limp, or cry.

This morning, after he had breakfast, he cried out while playing with Pixie, and then limped away to a corner, where he flung himself onto the floor and proceeded to lick his paw. An appointment was made and we kept it. In the examining room, despite being restrained by a vet tech,Rex screamed like a baby Wookie having needles shoved into its eyes and did his best to climb onto Dr. Novosad's head while she tried to examine his paw. It was determined that his dew claw was split, potentially all the way under the skin of the toe. It was difficult to tell. Removal of the claw was recommended, as was a sedative, since Rex seemed so... "You won't hurt my feeling by saying he's a drama queen," I assured Dr. Novosad.

Two hours later, I picked up a very mellow Rex, minus one claw on his left paw. Luckily, it wasn't split beneath his skin, but it was cut down to the nub, which is still painful. However, Rex was feeling little pain as we left the vet's office. He could walk, but I still carried him out to the parking lot. When he realized we were at The Car he perked up and tried to pretend everything was fine. He settled into the passenger seat and sat ramrod stiff, staring straight ahead, as if he were alert and coherent, ready to ride in The Car! However, he toppled sideways when I turned left, like a felled oak, and hit his head on the window. I stifled a giggle and watched out of the corner of my eye as he recovered and resumed his "alert" car riding position in the seat. Then I noticed that his front paws were sliding ever so slowly to the front edge of the seat as he dozed off, but he'd catch himself just before his feet slid off the seat and he'd shake himself awake again, only to start dozing off again seconds later.

He's been sleeping off and on ever since I brought him home this afternoon. Pixie is very upset by it all, because her favorite toy, Rex, is out of commission. She's been rolling about the floor in front of his crate, as if to say, Look, Rex! I'm rolling on the floor! It's fun! Don't you want to come out and play with me? I'll run and you can chase me! It will be fun! She doesn't seem to understand that he can't open the door to his crate on his own. Or that he's on heavy drugs and doesn't give a rat's ass what she's doing.