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April 2011


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enjoy the silence

The past few days have been a bit nutty, and I'm wiped out. On Thursday I started my LJ Runway design by finding a photo and making two rough sketches of designs I thought would look cool. Then I spent the rest of the day, and much of Friday, doing laundry and cleaning in preparation for house and dog sitting at L____'s house for a week. I knew either Becky or Mr. Becky would be spending a lot of time in my apartment taking care of EZ and I didn't want the place to be a total sty. I didn't have enough time to make the place spotless, but it's a whole lot better than how it was.

On Saturday L____ & son's dogs woke me at 8:30 AM. My first thought was, Oh, no. This must stop. But I rolled with it, fed them, napped off and on, and then went back to The Compound to pick up EZ and her crate so we could go to the Meet N' Greet in the Heights. EZ got a lot of attention from people, but that was about it. She was a bit of a shrinking violet, huddling in the back of her crate, because she's not fond of noisy places, and the Meet N' Greet was quite loud. There were lots of dogs there, many of them vocal, and she's not used to that. We had a good time, though. It was great to see Laura, Rex's attorney, again. Laura was pretty in pink, representing the fact that she'll give birth to a girl next January. I think it's a testament to Laura's dedication to Scout's Honor that she's going to have a baby just so we can test EZ's reaction to children. What a trooper!

I didn't get back to L____'s house until after 10 PM. The dogs were starving, as was I, and by the time we were all fed, I was ready to go to bed. Of course, I didn't. I played with the fabric I'd brought from home, cut out the pieces I'd need, and then read for a while before I finally went to bed.

On Sunday I hit the ground running and started work on my LJ Runway design right after breakfast. "Right after" makes it sound like I wolfed down my cereal and got to work, but that's not true. First I had to take the dogs outside and watch them, making sure none of them ran into the road or hitchhiked to Katy. Then I had to feed and shoot (insulin) Sparky. Then I had to feed the other beasts. This involves measuring food into bowls and hovering over them, making sure they don't eat each others food. Obviously nobody does this on a regular basis, because they cumulatively weigh about three hundred pounds, if not more. Sam, the largest of the beasts, has bad hips and would probably feel a little bit better if he wasn't overweight, so I'm trying to help him lose a few pounds while he's in my charge. I'm also trying to help Sue, a willful American bulldog, learn how to pay more attention to people. Anyway, after all that, I finally got to work on my entry for LJ Runway. Because of everything that was going on, I felt as though I was on the actual show, because I had around the same time constraints that they appear to have on the series. My original idea was too ambitious, and I change it in midstream, so I had to--as Tim Gunn says--make it work. I think I managed it. By the time I finally finished and posted the design, I was ready for a nice coma.

Updating to add: Now that I think about it, I'd love to see how the Project Runway designers would fare if Tim Gunn unleashed three gargantuan dogs into the workroom, constantly licking and nudging the designer's elbows for attention.

I didn't wake up today until 11:30 AM. I pulled this feat off by waking the dogs up periodically through the night and making them run around outside. "Making them" sounds like I provoked them, when in reality they're almost always ready for a good romp outside. Still, I don't think they're used to being around nocturnal humans, as Sieg, a doberman, kept standing near me and making rooing noises through the night, as if to say, Why aren't we in bed?

And now, the dogs are all napping and I'm ready to spend the day enjoying the silence.