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April 2011


my (our) books

Fool for Love When You Don't See Me

Someone Like You I'm Your Man

He's The One It Had To Be You

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


If you have any of the above books and would like them signed, mail them to:

P.O. Box 131845, Houston, TX., 77219.

Please include three dollars for return postage.

Send email to timothyjlambert@gmail.com

Warning: This blog may contain homosexuals which in the states of California and Maine have been alleged to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Read at your own risk.


recommended courses of action

Scout's Honor Rescue is an all-breed, no-kill, Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization committed to bringing courage, character and compassion to Houston's homeless pet population and making a positive difference in the lives of these stray and abandoned animals and the Houston community as a whole. 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to saving the life of a homeless animal.

Scouts Honor Rescue Inc.

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maine AIDS alliance

global AIDS alliance


AIDS foundation houston

bering omega community services

frannie peabody center

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Now that EZ's been spayed and no longer looks as though she's wearing a legwarmer for a Flashdance audition, Laura wants to include a photo of the new and improved Bionic EZ 2008 model in the next Scout's Honor newsletter and update her adoption listing. With this in mind, and the knowledge EZ needs to go out for walks, I loaded the EZ and my camera into the car and took her to Bayou Bend Park for a photoshoot. For some reason it's been months since I've used my camera, so not all the shots were great, but I posted a few of them to Flickr, which you can view here.

I've been taking EZ and Rex outside together as much as possible. Within The Compound walls, we usually stay in the south courtyard, EZ on a leash and Rex running off leash. I'll walk EZ near Rex and let them sniff each other, and they act like they could care less about each other when I do it. One time there was a canopy set up at the top of the drive, which was new to both of them, and while EZ was sniffing it Rex came up behind her, sniffed her butt, and I could tell he was getting ready to bonk her butt with his nose. That's his patented I'm going to force you to play with me maneuver. Unfortunately, I panicked and stopped him before he bonked her. On the plus side, he listened to me and did what I asked him to do. On the negative side, I didn't get to see what she'd do and correct or praise her accordingly. Outside the walls of The Compound, they both stay on leashes, because there's a leash law in Houston, silly. You wouldn't know it to look at him when he's trying to crawl up your chest and lick your eyeballs, but Rex is brilliant when he's on a leash and walking. It's obvious that he's teaching EZ how it's done, because I can see her taking cues from him as we go. I walked them today and she was paying more and more attention to how fast I was going, where I was leading us, and Rex's position in relation to my lead. It was really cool. When we returned home I let EZ off her leash for once and walked Rex past her. She sniffed his ear and then went running to azaleas. Perhaps they needed weeding.

Tonight (Monday night), after notifying Rex's attorney that he and I would be in the suburbs taking care of a pack of dogs at L____'s house for the first nine days of August, I decided to see how Rex and EZ would behave together inside with no leashes in sight. I figured it would be best to try at dinner time, because they're so into their new dinner routine. Upstairs, I took off their leashes and asked them if they wanted to eat. EZ lay down at my feet immediately, and Rex ran to the top of the stairs, as if to say, Can we go downstairs to eat now? How about now? Maybe now? Now? What about now? I said, "Come here." He did. "Sit." He did. "Lie down." He lay next to EZ, which made me happy, but she sat up and sniffed his head. I asked her to lie down again, and she was agreeable to the idea. Then I went downstairs, two dogs thundering down behind me. Rex ran to his eating spot, EZ to hers on the other side of the kitchen (It seems prudent to keep them apart while eating until I know if they're going to have issues about that, too.), and they watched as I made dinner. As soon as I poured food into her bowl, EZ thudded to the floor and rested her head on her paws. She's already got the drill down and beats me to the punch. I put her bowl behind her and she didn't move, except for her big eyes rolling around their sockets, following my every move and waiting for a signal to eat. I pointed next to her and said to Rex, "Get over there." He did. "Sit." He did. I set his bowl on the bone shaped mat in his eating spot and then said, "Lie down." He lay alongside EZ, quivering with anticipation. Then I washed a bunch of dishes in the sink. When I turned around, they were in the exact same position and Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" played in my head.

When they were finished we went upstairs and they milled around while I sat down at my desk. The next thing I knew they were both jockeying for room at my feet beneath the desk. Anticipating the loss of my toes and a pint of blood, I rolled back my chair, pointed behind me and said, "Git." They gitted. Rex looked a bit miffed, but EZ circled behind him and tried to mount him. Rex's head whipped around, he emitted a short growl, and she backed off. I did my best not to giggle, or say anything. Rex seemed to have the situation in hand, even though he stood and stared at me, waiting for approval or disapproval. I gave neither, because nothing seemed the right thing do, so I did it. Rex got in his crate, EZ got in hers, and I turned back to my computer.

Things can only get better.