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April 2011


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driver 8

Mr. Becky woke me up at 8:00 this morning so I could take the dogs to the vet. Rex and the girls had their bi-annual check-up appointments today, and then EZ was going to have her hip checked, her leg checked, and an oil change, or something like that. Originally, we thought we could take all the dogs at once, Mr. Becky driving and me in the back keeping the dogs separated. But then I realized I'd be putting myself in the midst of a potential dogfight, so we decided that Mr. Becky would drive Rex and his bitches in one car, and I would take EZ in another. Then I figured there was little point in making Mr. Becky go out of his way to drop three dogs off before work when I could easily make two trips myself. So that's what I did. I dragged myself out of bed, fed Rex, let him out to pee, crept inside Becky's house, leashed the girls next to a sleeping Becky without waking her (I think), loaded them in the car, and then dropped them off at West Alabama Animal Clinic. Then I drove home, let EZ out of her crate, fed her, took her out to pee, wrapped her hind end in a sheet, because she's in heat and blood stains aren't so neat, and took her to the vet. I felt like a soccer mom. When I arrived with EZ the people at the front desk looked puzzled and said, "Weren't you just here?"

"No. I don't know what you're talking about," I joked. "That must've been some other blue haired man."

I treated myself to a deluxe big breakfast from McDonald's (See? I eat.) and scarfed the whole thing down while watching Little House on the Prairie. I thought I'd enjoy a quiet day without dogs, but then started to hate the quiet. I wondered, Do soccer moms feel like this after they dump their children off at the vet?

Later, I learned that EZ's hip appears to be just fine and there's no reason why she shouldn't be walking on it. Maybe she's too scared to use it and has to relearn walking on it. I'm to take her walking up and down hills, which requires hind leg usage. Finding hills in Houston is a challenge, but I know of a good one nearby where hardly anyone goes that I think will be perfect. Even better news was learning that EZ's fractured front paw was deemed healed and the splint was removed. Unfortunately, she wants to lick it all the more and it's already inflamed and aggravated from when she'd try to chew the bandages off, so they put a lampshade on her head. Becky took a couple photos of the indignant EZ, and then I removed it from her head when we were back in my apartment. She stops licking her paw when I tell her to anyway. I've tried the sour apple and red pepper stuff, but she seems to say, Flavor! and keeps on licking.

I was going to make an appointment to have her spayed when her splint came off, but she found a way to foil that plan. Yesterday morning I awoke and brought her into bed for a snuggle because it was chilly and I wasn't ready to function. When I did get up, I noticed spots of blood on the sheet and thought, That's odd. I'm not due for my period yet. Then I saw EZ, grinning her Joker grin, staring at me as if to saySurprise! Since you can't spay a dog in heat, we'll have to wait about a month to schedule that operation. Hopefully, we can find a responsible person to adopt her who won't mind taking care of that.

I'm off to pick up Rex and his harem.