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April 2011


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He's The One It Had To Be You

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


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Scouts Honor Rescue Inc.

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EZ's doing her best to thwart my image. It's difficult to be a reclusive writer when she keeps forcing me to leave the house. We met Laura from Scout's Honor at the vet this afternoon to talk about EZ's progress and future care. A couple of days ago EZ jumped off Becky's front porch to chase a squirrel. It all happened so fast and I couldn't stop her. She leapt over three steps and hit the ground running, and it wasn't until that evening that I noticed her split had broken. I unwrapped her leg because I was worried that the broken pieces might be cutting her leg. Then I rewrapped her paw with the bottom half of the split, so at least that part wouldn't move much. They replaced the splint today, and it should come off in a couple of weeks. When it's off, she'll be spayed. Her hip seems to be healing well, but she's still not walking on that hind leg. So, I'm to move it around and do some physical therapy to help circulation and make sure her muscles don't atrophy. All in all, she's doing very well for a dog that was almost put to sleep.

Unfortunately, EZ has other issues. Her head is full of crazy. I'm starting to work with her to see if I can alleviate her intense separation anxiety. Luckily the recent renovations at The Compound brought me a beautiful new storm door, which has a big window that's the perfect height for her to see through. This afternoon, when we got home from our outing, I put her inside and stayed outside. She turned to see me outside and watched as I walked away. I stayed in sight, waited a while, then went back and asked her to sit. She sat. Then I walked away again, this time going out of her view. I went back, and she was still sitting there. I didn't hear any crying, so I opened the door and hugged her. Then I shut the door again and stayed away a little longer. I'll repeat the process as time goes on, staying away for longer periods of time, and we'll see if that helps any.

Her other issue that I'm working on is poor social skills around other dogs. I introduced her to Becky's dog, Guinness, yesterday. Guinness is full of crazy, too, but she's very submissive to me and I figured she'd be a good dog for EZ to meet. With EZ on a leash, I brought Guinness to her and stayed between them. Then I asked Guinness to back away, which she did, and then I made her sit, showing EZ that I had control over Guinness and wouldn't let Guinness hurt her. I brought EZ toward Guinness to see what she'd do and, unfortunately, EZ growled and started to dart toward Guinness. I stepped between them, jerked EZ back with the leash and reprimanded her, all in one swift motion. Then I made EZ lay down, physically pressing down on her gently to show her that I had the upper hand in this situation. She didn't resist at all, which was great. What was also great was that Guinness just sat there, watching and probably thinking, That dog is nuts. When do I eat? I let EZ up after petting her and walked her past Guinness again. This time she ignored her and we continued down the driveway, both dogs taking a position on either side of me. It seemed like they were ignoring each other, but it was obvious that EZ was taking her cues from Guinness, because if Guinness stopped to sniff something, she'd follow her. I didn't let them get near each other again, but I figure we'll repeat that whole scenario again daily until I'm comfortable they can be around each other off a leash. Then we'll throw a new dog on the scene and see what happens. Probably Margot.