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April 2011


my (our) books

Fool for Love When You Don't See Me

Someone Like You I'm Your Man

He's The One It Had To Be You

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


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after the rain

Greg left the other day and then the rain came, cold and dampness taking over and washing the day with gray. A friend sent an email, wondering how things were going, if Becky was feeling any better, and if I'd escaped the creeping crud. I replied that things weren't any less harried around the Compound and that Becky is still stressed beyond belief. I also stupidly said that I'd somehow managed to avoid the creeping crud. Even though I knocked on wood after I said it, I woke up today and felt the itchy crud creeping through my sinuses and crawling over my eyeballs.

It's all EZ's fault. EZ's a dog whose bladder and bowels were most likely forged from the strongest steel in Detroit. She had diarrhea yesterday, so I promptly called the vet in case it was a sign of infection. After receiving new medications and administering them, I watched her like a hawk for signs that she needed to visit the flower beds for a little relief. She slept all day. Later that evening we crated Becky's dogs and I brought her over to Becky's house to shuffle around and explore while we shuffled cards and played progressive rummy. She explored, slept, and still showed no signs of being a dog who had to go anywhere, let alone go to the bathroom. Still, she hadn't peed or pooped in twelve hours, so I took her outside. We stood in the rain and our conversation went something like this:

Me: It's cold and wet. You could be peeing.
EZ: ...
Me: You could be pooping.
EZ: No thanks. I'd rather stare at these ferns.
Me: Come on, EZ. Just pee.
EZ: ...
Me: My feet are getting wet.
EZ: ...
Me: Would you just pee, damn it!
EZ: Ferns pretty.

We repeated that same scene shortly after three in the morning and I finally decided it would be better for her to pee or poop in her crate than for me to get pneumonia. Around nine this morning I woke up and heard her crying and thought, Ah ha! Now she has to go. I dragged myself out of bed, carried her outside, set her down in the flower bed and could almost hear her saying, Ferns pretty for fifteen minutes. Cursing, I put her back in her crate, took some Airborne, and went back to bed. Now all I want is matzoh ball soup.

EZ still hasn't pooped.