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April 2011


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bring the noise

EZ whined and brayed well into the night and I ended up moving sofa cushions and quilts to the floor so I could sleep next to her crate, thinking she wanted company. What she really wanted was to get out of that crate. That wasn't going to happen and it was almost five in the morning, so--and I'm not proud of this, because she really is scared--I ended up yelling, "PLEASE SHUT UP!" She looked startled, almost offended, but must have considered the fact that I did say please, because she put her head down and promptly went to sleep. Eventually, I did, too.

But a few hours later Mr. Becky woke me up this morning to let me know that the painters and construction dudes had shown up to work on their kitchen and fix my door. Lovely. Since I was semi-conscious, I took EZ outside to see if she would pee. Of course, she wouldn't. She kept trying to run away, as if she had appointment elsewhere and was anxious to get there on time. After a half hour of standing in the cold I gave up and took her inside. Then I took Rex out, who peed and pooped immediately as if it were an Olympic event, obviously to show "that other dog" up. I crated him again and crawled back under the quilts next to EZ's crate. She was crying again, but I didn't care. I remember thinking, I suppose I could give her her medicine, but then I passed out and it was suddenly noon and I'd missed a call from Laura, even though my cell phone was on the floor right next to my head. I guess I didn't hear it over the lulling noise of people sanding my front door, going in and out of my apartment, and that braying donkeymonkeyseagulldog.

Laura visited and dropped off a collar and tag with my phone number on it, a leash, all natural calming tablets (the same kind I used to give Rex in case of thunder), a therapeutic dog bed to put in the crate, and a groovy thing that you plug in the wall which releases a comforting female hormone of some kind. Together we tried to get EZ to pee or poop outside, but EZ was still on her "I have somewhere else to be and you people are keeping me from it" trip. Becky reminded me that River did the same thing when he first came here. I'd forgotten about that. It will take her a few days to get used to being here, and I'm sure once I get her into a routine she'll figure it all out. These things take time. I'm amazed she's coping at all. Aside from the noise she's making, she's being really good. We know little to nothing about her. When you know little to nothing about a dog, especially a dog that's injured, you should always approach the dog with extreme caution, move slowly and gently, and never put your face near the dog's face. Of course, I've broken all of those rules with EZ (Do as I say and not as I do, kids.) and she's been nothing but sweet to me. I had the door to her crate open, was laying half in there with her and petting her, and she caught me off guard and licked my face. She has very strong jaws and could've ripped my cheek open, but luckily she tried to lick her way past me to freedom. I guess now we know that she's a pacifist.

Tonight I plan on trying an ear plug Tylenol PM combination. For me, that is, not EZ.