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April 2011


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more human than human

A few people asked me via email if I quit smoking while I was in the hospital. Nope. I didn't smoke for three days, but by then I was ready to gnaw off my left arm if I didn't have a cigarette, so I caved. But I did cut down considerably, which is better than nothing. Well...maybe not, in this case, but you know what I mean.

Lots of people asked if I met any cute doctors, nurses, or orderlies. Of course I did. But I also couldn't shower and looked like a cross between Rob Zombie and Nick Nolte's mug shot. Plus, I had a tube coming out of my chest that was connected to my own personal water fountain in a suitcase. Throw a hospital gown over all that and you've got a person who doesn't feel very attractive. I can't imagine why none of those cute doctors and nurses were hitting on me.

In spite of my hideousness, I did meet some interesting people. One night I passed a guy who was also attached to an atrium via a chest tube, so I said, "Hey! You've got one of these things, too. I bet we look like twins. Nobody's gonna be able to tell us apart." He laughed; probably because he was black. Turned out he'd been shot five times. For some reason he was fascinated by my collapsed lung and wanted to know what that felt like. I was all, "Dude. You got shot five times. What's that like?" He was really nice. Never would've guessed he was a drug dealer.

One time I was going back to my room and I passed two women and their children. This little boy looked up at me with wide eyes and loudly said, "Jesus!" over and over. The moms glanced at me and then started making snorting sounds, not wanting to openly laugh at the kid. I said, "Laughter is a joyful noise, my children," and they nearly wet themselves.

Another interesting person I met was this woman who was coming out of the emergency waiting room while I was going outside for a cigarette. She bummed two cigs from me and started chattering about her stomach, how she was worried because it had been steadily swelling for the past three months. She hastily added that she'd just had her period and didn't think she was pregnant, but maybe it was a mutant cyst or something. Then she said, "I just don't want them to say something like, 'Girl, you're fat. That's all it is.' Wouldn't that suck?"

I agreed. That would suck.