January 24th, 2011


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The following email was in my in-box this morning, so I felt compelled to post it here for my five or six Houston readers to see, and so I could link to it on Twitter. Hopefully the five or six of you can tell your local friends about it, and they can do the same, and we can find these good dogs a great home. Thanks!


We have all been working so hard to find great homes for the animals in our program so that we could rescue more. Well, after a few months of having to cut down on intake because of the number of animals in our program and dwindling finances, we are happy to announce that we were able to start the New Year out right by doing a BARC pull! This past Saturday Scout's Honor Rescue was able to rescue 11 dogs from BARC (Houston pound). Now we desperately need your help!! We desperately need foster homes for all of these great dogs so that they can experience love and compassion while waiting for their forever homes. It makes such a difference as to the adoptability of a dog when we are able to have him/her in a foster home and learn more about each one's personality, habits, etc. So, that is where you come in! Please consider opening your heart and home to one of these precious babies. I promise it is one of the most rewarding experiences!

Of course, if you cannot foster, funds are ALWAYS appreciated. You can donate at the “donate now” link at www.scoutshonor.org. In the description section, please indicate “BARC dogs” so we can earmark the donation. If you have trouble indicating the purpose of the donation (which can be an issue on PayPal), feel free to email us at info@scoutshonor.org that you made it. Checks are also welcomed and appreciated. Just make it payable to “Scout’s Honor” and mail it to 1302 Waugh Drive, #245, Houston, Texas 77019.

All of the dogs below (with the exception of a few of the ones that are in poor condition or are too young) are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. Due to the number of dogs, we tried to keep the description of each short, but we have additional details and pics on each that we can provide.

Josie: Josie is a Shepherd mix of some sort who was at BARC for almost 2 months without being adopted. She is just a big goofy girl with lots of energy and lots of love to give. She loves to give hugs and just be close to you. Some mean person docked her tail, but that just means she will wag her nub so hard her butt will shake. Josey is about 2 years old, weighs about 85lbs and she is also potty trained.

Cooter: Cooter looks like he might be a Hound/Bernese Mountain Dog mix of some sort. He is a super friendly guy that loves attention. Cooter is about 2 years old, weighs about 80lbs and just wants a home where he can play and get lots of attention. He would be a great family dog and a great running partner Will you give him that home?
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If you are interested in fostering or adopting any of these BARC babies, please contact us at info@scoutshonor.org right away. These sweeties deserve to be in loving homes as soon as possible after the terror they no doubt experienced at BARC. To read about Scout's Honor's fostering procedures, please visit our website at www.scoutshonor.org. As always, Scout's Honor pays all costs associated with fostering (including providing a crate), and if requested, the foster can receive a tax deduction receipt from Scout's Honor for all of his or her own documented expenses related to fostering.

Please circulate!

Scout's Honor Rescue