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April 2011


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brown sugar

Sugar Monday: Substitute Edition

Lindsey and Rhonda brought Sugar to The Compound last night, because we're taking care of her while they're away on vacation. All last night she watched the stairs of my apartment and the windows, ears trained, listening for the sound of L&R to come back and retrieve her. No such luck. I kept explaining that they won't do that until Saturday, but we'll have lots of fun between now and then, and they only left her here because they know she'll be safe and well taken care of by people who love dogs.

Rex, on the other hand, obviously kept saying this: Yeah, my people left me here over a year ago. I watched them drive away, too. It's not so bad, though. Can I lick your ear? Thanks. These people make you sit and lay down a lot, but the food's good. Just play along and you'll be aces, kid. Can I sniff your butt? Excellent.

Becky came over last night to see how everything was going and Sugar leaped up and barked loudly, then raced to the stairs, muscles rippling beneath her shining coat. It was a gorgeous sight, a dog who knows how to be a protector, but then I worried for Becky's limbs and told her everything was fine. Now that I think back on it, I sincerely doubt she was protecting anyone and just thought L&R had finally come to bust her out of this joint; the bark wasn't a warning, but a cry of It's about damned time! Lindsey and Rhonda had said it would take Sugar a while to adjust to being here, and they were definitely correct about that.

The first time Lazlo leaped onto the half wall to see if his food dish has magically refilled itself Sugar jumped up and looked at me, as if to scream, There's something on the wing! Obviously, she thinks I'm nuts to let a cat live here. As if she didn't have enough to worry about, she also has to mind the front door, the window, and watch for the evil kitty. Because of her unease, and because of Lazlo's "What makes you think I won't cut you?" attitude towards canines, I thought it would be in Sugar's best interest if she spent the night in her crate. I didn't want her rounding a dark corner and having an unexpected encounter with Lazlo's claws. After our final outing of the evening/morning, I took off her collar, pointed at the crate, and said, "Crate!"

Sugar regarded her crate as if it were a car crusher and I'd said, "Get in. It won't hurt but for a second."

It's been a while since I've taken care of an abused dog. It's very heart breaking when you love dogs and one shies away from you and acts as though you're carrying an invisible club, which is what Sugar did when I asked her to get into her crate. She was inches from the floor, darting to the left, to the right, and then crept around the couch, running in circles while keeping a careful eye on me in case I tried to beat her. I pushed away my urge to cry at the idea that someone in her past had ever though it necessary to hurt her; I pushed away my hurt feelings, because her reaction had nothing to do with me; I pushed away the urge to laugh, because Rex had dutifully gone into her crate after I said, "Crate!"; I pushed away Rex (with love) and put him into his own crate, so he wouldn't distract Sugar, even though he was just trying to help; I pushed away any thoughts of giving in and coddling her, because I knew that the greater reward would be for her to know that I'm in control and that she can follow through with what I'm asking her to do and it won't hurt.

So I got Rex's leash, put it on her and said, "Crate!" Then I led her into the crate, praised her relentlessly, yet quietly, left a treat for her, secured the door and went to bed. She sat in it, watching me all night. I know this because I was up all night, reading. When I let her out, she did a happy dance and licked my hand before I put her collar back on. Sweet. Her tail isn't tucked today. She seems a bit better about being here. Obviously Rhonda and Lindsey shown Sugar that people can be trustworthy. She even seems to like Rex. Now I have two shadows following me everywhere.

I'd post pictures of Sugar, as Lindsey usually does, but every time I bring out my camera Sugar jumps up and runs away, as if saying, No photos! Call my agent! All I can get is a photo of her retreating butt. Luckily, Becky has photos here in her Sugar Substitute post.