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April 2011


my (our) books

Fool for Love When You Don't See Me

Someone Like You I'm Your Man

He's The One It Had To Be You

The Mammoth Book of New Gay Erotica Best Gay Erotica 2007

Best Gay Love Stories: New York City Best Gay Love Stories 2005

Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


If you have any of the above books and would like them signed, mail them to:

P.O. Box 131845, Houston, TX., 77219.

Please include three dollars for return postage.

Send email to timothyjlambert@gmail.com

Warning: This blog may contain homosexuals which in the states of California and Maine have been alleged to destroy the sanctity of marriage. Read at your own risk.


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Scouts Honor Rescue Inc.

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AIDS foundation houston

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history repeating

Lindsey answered five questions posed to her and then asked for people to interview, so I said, "Bring it!" It's been broughten.

1. Have you ever been in love/had your heart broken?
Yes, I've been in love. Most of you know that I'm single and haven't been in a relationship in quite some time, so I'm sure that the majority of you can figure out that the relationship didn't end very well. As a result, I've been in love and have had my heart broken. I won't go into details, but I still think about him. I still love him. I can't remember which book it was, but I remember one of our characters said that you never stop loving someone, and that's my own personal belief as well. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. And it's also why I write romance.

2. What is something you really, really, REALLY want to do; but you are afraid to do it?
There are the obvious answers: sky-diving and bungee jumping. But the not so obvious answer is that I wanted to go to college, but was too scared to do it. I was secretly relieved that my parents couldn't afford to send me, because the idea of being forced to live in a dorm with a bunch of strangers terrified me. College, or university, seemed like high school on a much grander scale, and I wasn't good at high school, so the thought of four (or more) years of not doing well at school filled me with dread. I didn't want to face my mediocrity day after day while watching thousands of people around me excel. So now I'm a mediocre writer that hardly anyone has heard of.

3. Have you ever saved someone's life/has anyone ever saved your life?
I don't think I've saved anybody's life. There have been doctors who have saved my life, I suppose. I try to stay away from those situations where dramatic life saving moments can occur. But I can say that I've had friends who have saved my life by offering me a place to live, guiding me out of stupid situations, and supporting me emotionally. I could be homeless and strung out, living behind a supermarket, but because I have good friends, I'm not.

4. What is the most common misconception about you?
I get the feeling that whenever I meet someone and tell them that I'm a writer, they immediately think I'm ivy league educated, sell as many books as Stephen King, and wander through my dusty Victorian home in a jacket with suede elbow patches. Or, if they know about the literary "brat pack" of the 1980's, they assume I rock the party scene and meet my agent for lunch while nursing a hangover to talk about movie options. None of which is true. Although, I do have that jacket with the suede elbow patches, and I do need to pick up some Pledge furniture wipes.

5. Of all the famous people you have met, who made the greatest impact on you? Why?
Because I worked for Barneys NY for so long, selling shoes, I met a lot of famous people. We were asked to respect their privacy and not "tell tales out of school." Because of that, I tend to view gossip as harmful and try not to perpetuate it. However, because you asked so nicely, I will tell you one story. Even though she lived on the west coast, Danielle Steel used to come to our store every so often, which was fun, because everyone would get frantic. She wasn't a client of mine, but I did see her a lot, because one of my coworkers always assisted her, so I'd always smile and say hello. There was this one time that she was in our department that she stopped and stared at me for a moment, long enough to cause me to check myself. Was the zipper of my black vinyl pants unzipped? Were my boots scuffed? Chanel's Vamp nail polish was all the rage then, and I was wearing it, so maybe that's what she was staring at? Or, maybe it was my hair, which had purple highlights? Whatever it was, it was a long twenty seconds, and then she realized that I realized she was staring, so she smiled and said, "I'm sorry. You remind me of someone."

I get that a lot. I always seem to remind people of a long lost friend, distant relative, or ex-boyfriend. Usually when people say this, they're dying to tell you who you look like, as if it means anything to me that I look like their nephew or sister's ex-mailman. I usually ignore it and say nothing. But something about the way Danielle Steel said this caused me to say, "Really? Who?"

A few weeks later I was at a bookstore and saw Danielle Steel's latest book, HIS BRIGHT LIGHT, a memoir about her son, Nick Traina, and his battle with mental illness and eventual suicide. I immediately thought about when I saw her last, and how she'd stared and said that I resembled her son. It was an eerily touching moment.