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April 2011


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open your box

Kate DeGroot RULES! I spent my "morning" hours updating my Web site, which hadn't been done in about a year, so it took a long time. After that, I needed to buy cigarettes. (Kids, smoking is bad for you. Wait until you're 18. It's better for you once you're old enough.) Rex and I went to Walgreen's, and on the way I stopped at the Post Office. I was excited to see a package from Kate DeGroot, and knowing it came from Maine, I had a hunch what might be inside! I tore into the box when we got home and, yes, there were cans of Moxie inside! Four of them! Kate had sent a short letter, and in it she expressed her concern about "the state the Moxie will arrive in." Kate, I assure you, it arrived in Texas.

She also sent two Whoopie Pies! I haven't had a Whoopie Pie since the late 80's. I'm wicked excited. See? I'm already using the word "wicked" as an adjective. For those of you who've never heard of a Whoopie Pie, they're a staple dessert at most Historical Society Pot Luck dinners in New England, also found at PTA meetings and church socials. They're full of fat ass goodness.

Also included in the DeGroot box of delights (Does that sound dirty?) was a bag of assorted Necco Wafers. Yummy! While technically not a Maine product, since Necco products have been manufactured in Massachusetts since 1847, and Maine seperated from Massachusetts before that in 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise, nonetheless they are a staple of the New England candy experience. And I love them. Necco makes Sweethearts, those tiny candy hearts with words printed on them that are always being launched across an elementary school classroom on Valentine's Day. I always wished they'd print Eat Me on those little hearts. In honor of ALICE IN WONDERLAND, of course.

Deep within the styrofoam pellets of the box, I found the latest issues of The Portland Phoenix, The Portland Forecaster, both Portland, Maine newspapers, and Yankee Magazine. Yankee, found in bathrooms all over Maine, is a magazine that publishes articles of interest about New England living. It's chock full of stories about old houses, decorating, antiques, people, places to visit, and more recipes for fish than you ever dreamed possible! The December issue has an article titled "Angels Among Us" about four New Englanders who are changing lives around the world. Among them is Annie Card, a photographer from Peterborough, New Hampshire, who served food in southeast Mississippi with the Red Cross after hurricane Katrina devastated the region. She visited people in the area who had nothing and thought she had to do more. She realized people needed hot water heaters and appliances more than anything, so she went home and raised $20,000 to buy beds and appliances, managing to return and help restore a whole neighborhood in Mississippi. She thought that was a good start. She continues to raise money and help people rebuild their lives, after forming a nonprofit called Mississippi Home Again. mshomeagain.org. An angel, indeed.

I've yet to drink the Moxie that Kate, my angel, sent. It was lukewarm, so I immediately put them, and the Whoopie Pies, into the refrigerator. Out of sight, out of mind. I have to make them last. Plus, I plan on introducing Becky and Mr. Becky to the joy of Moxie tomorrow. We'll have a tasting, and maybe I can capture their expressions on film as they experience its flavor. Mr Becky asked me what it tasts like and I said, "It's kind of like Dr. Pepper laced with cough syrup." He replied, "Oh boy!" He didn't sound like he meant it though.

I worked on my proposal for UNTITLED NOVEL by Timothy J. Lambert tonight. Isn't that a brilliant title? It's finished and ready to send to the editor who requested it, and I'm really excited now. I delved a bit deeper into my imagination, fleshed out the locations, the plot, the characters, a bit more, and did more exploring on the Internets about—erm, well, I probably shouldn't say. I really want to ramble on and on about it all, but I guess I can't. Anyway, it won't be the new Insert The New York Times Best Selling Title Of Your Choice Here, but still, it should be quite good, I assure you.

Thanks again for the care package, Kate! You rock!