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April 2011


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Three Fortunes In One Cookie The Deal


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the happening

The best thing about our hotel room is that it's down the hall from the ballroom, where most of the panel discussions are held. Last night, after attending a party, meeting several writers, and having dinner elsewhere with some of them, Becky and I returned to our room to get into our jammies and talk about them. Later, Becky decided she needed coffee and I wanted ice cream, so we ventured into the Quarter, still in our jammies.

The keys to our room have pictures of smiling women on them, for whatever reason. Becky's has an overjoyed white woman on it, and my key has a black woman who looks quite pleased about something. In the lobby, still in our jammies, Becky said to me, "I think we'll need more money. Take my white woman, go back to the room and get my purse, okay?" So that's become our latest joke. "I can't find my black woman. Have you seen her?" "I've got my white woman. Is your black woman on the night stand?"

I rolled out bed today and thought about wearing my jammies to the first panel this morning, which was titled How to Impress An Editor. Our editor at Alyson, Joe Pittman, was part of the discussion and I decided my Guinness jammies wasn't exactly dressing to impress. I'd like to say that I didn't learn a thing from the discussion, because I'm that brilliant, but there were some interesting points for me to ponder. Even at that early in the day. After that, Becky and I got coffee with Greg and walked back to Olivier House, where he and Paul have a room. It was a nice liesurely moment to chat and refuel. Greg was overjoyed to see us in his city. And thrilled to see that I'd actually left the house. Then it was back to the ballroom to learn What Makes a Book Gay? I'm not sure if anyone ever solved that mystery, but I think Poppy summed it up really well when she said, "I don't think I've ever asked my books if they're gay."

After that, it was our turn. Beck and I joined Marianne K. Martin and Scott & Scott to talk about Romance. I was freakin' nervous, because as you all know, I don't leave the house. I haven't been anywhere outside of Houston since 2004, when Becky and I went to the Gulf Coast to do research for 3 Fortunes. This whole experience has been fantastic, but I've been inundated with people, and as fascinating as these people are, they're still people. I'm used to turning off the television if I've had enough people for one day. And suddenly y'all want me to sit in front of people and talk to them? Oh, dear. But it was great! We talked about why we write what we write, our experiences with the genre, what we hear from readers, our opinions about why people like our books, and on and on. I loved our panel, because we all had a slightly different point of view, or something different to relate to our audience. And Radclyffe was the best moderator. She kept the topics rolling, kept us on track, kept it interesting. Adore her!

We had...food (don't know what to term the meal, because it was 4 pm and we realized we hadn't eaten all day) with Joe Pittman after that. I can't remember the name of the place, but we had great food on an upstairs balcony looking over Bourbon Street. Fabulous food, good company, great conversation. Joe is wonderful. Let us thank him for that food. Greg and Paul had people over for drinks after that, so we stopped by en route to a poetry reading at Faubourg Marigny Arts & Books. We mainly went to see Trebor Healey, perhaps to see if we could stuff him in my suitcase and bring him home with us (when you meet him, you'll want to do the same, trust me) but in addition to Trebor, we were treated to entertaining and thoughtful words recited by some extremely talented people.

This place freakin' rocks!