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April 2011


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rex, week two

Rex has been here for two weeks now. Our friend James emailed me recently, telling me about his second dog and how he almost resented dog two for not being dog one, but then learned to love dog two just as much as dog one once he realized that dog two had just as much love to offer in a new and special way.

I hope y'all followed that, because I'm not about to diagram that last sentence and edit it. It was tricky enough to type it.

Anyway, I've been very wary of Rex since he arrived, and once James told me about his past dog experiences, I realized I've been regarding Rex with a "you're not River" attitude. Of course he's not River. He's Rex. He's a whole new ball of wax. And this ball of wax has psychological issues, instead of health issues. Whether or not that's trading up, I can't be sure. However, I'm starting to appreciate Rex for being Rex, and that's good, because he's good.

However, as I said, he's not without his issues. I'm practicing a technique I learned from the SPCA called Nothing Comes For Free. Before we go outside, he has to Sit. Before we go back inside, he has to sit. Before I pet him, he has to sit or lay down. And so on and so forth. There's no such thing as "Oh, you're so cute just standing there, let me pet you because you're you." This way, he has to work for positive reinforcement, and he learns his place in the pack order; I'm the alpha dog, he's not, which in turn makes him respect the house(s) as mine and not his, therefore he knows he has to act accordingly when he's inside.

Outside is a different story. His attention wanders and he's less inclined to mind me, which is annoying and kind of scary, since he's a "jumper." If he jumps the fence, I worry he won't come back when I call him. However, I've had him outside w/o his leash on for hours and he doesn't seem wont to leap the fence at all. Even when a strange dog or person goes by, which is very good. So, I'm working him outside, too; Sit, Stay, Lay Down, Come Here, the whole gambit, trying to make him realize these things mean the same thing outside as they do when we're inside. It's tricky, but he's getting it. He's very eager to please, which is wonderful, but he also has a stubborn streak, which isn't so good.

The worst is trying to get him to realize he's Last in the pack order, and that Margot and Guinness are above him, since they were here first. I'm pretty sure he's been an "only dog" all his life, and doesn't respect anyone's private space, even human's. When he's around Margot and Guinness, he treats them like toys that have been presented to him for his amusement. (Yes, Rex is a typical male.) But, this is our fault, because we didn't introduce Rex properly to The Compound. We just threw him into the mix, ignorantly, and now the girls resent him a little bit. I don't blame them, if Rex was constantly bopping my ass with his nose and in my face wanting to play all the time, I'd be disgruntled, too. So now I'm doing my best to keep them separated. If Rex is with me in the Home Office, I keep the girls out. And if they're all in the Home Office with me, I keep Rex on my lap, so the girls can wander freely. Any other time, I keep Rex at my side and the girls pretty much keep a healthy distance from us. I can tell that they like this arrangement, because Rex is heavily policed by me and they know I'm the alpha dog, so they feel safe. Now they're more inclined to come up and sniff him when he's on my lap, controlled, and there's less growling and snapping. We lucked out with River, because he was neutered and then went through heartworm treatment pretty much right after he arrived, so he spent over a month in his crate in my apartment. So they were all separated, but could roam the yard smelling each other, knowing they were all in the same environment, and had a long time to get used to the idea of sharing space with each other. Thus, everyone liked each other once River was allowed into the mix of the pack. Live and learn.

Things are great between Rex and Lazlo, because Rex is pretty much afraid of Lazlo now. As it should be. Oh, he's still very curious about cats and will sit and stare, watching Lazlo be a cat, but he keeps a healthy distance. Lazlo has been testing Rex, sharing the couch with us when Rex and I are watching television. (Rex loves Nick at Nite.) Rex is passing with flying colors, which is great since I'm often the wall between them. As long as he can see where Lazlo is, Rex is content to just watch him and not bother him. So far. I'm sure there's bound to be another altercation in their future, but as long as I keep Lazlo's claws trimmed, I'm sure they're both going to be fine together.

As for Rex and I, we're getting along very well. Maybe in another week or two I'll be able to say with conviction that he's here to stay. For now, I'm content to play Boot Camp with him and whip him into shape, either for my sake, or for his next family. We'll see.