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Aug. 17th, 2010

tuesdays with rexford


a question of time

Someone sent me an email informing me that When You Don't See Me was his book club's selection for this month and asked if we'd write a discussion guide for it. While Becky and I beat our heads against a wall and hoped intelligent questions would magically appear on her computer screen, Rex chewed on a Nylabone in the Living Room. Meanwhile, Pixie and Sugar enjoyed a slow-motion lesbian pillow fight in the bedroom.


Sep. 16th, 2009

the first cut is the deepest (

A few days ago I was washing a glass and it broke in my hands, carving a small hole into my thumb joint. If you buy Timothy James Beck books, it will heal faster.

Nov. 24th, 2008

the waiting (

I sent our latest Timothy James Beck book ideas to our editor today via email. As soon as I clicked the Send button I was transported back to high school and felt as though I'd slipped one of those stupid I like you. Do you like me? notes into someone's locker. Our editor replied back fairly quickly and said, "I got it. I'll get back to you in a week or so." Luckily, I never got that reply in high school.

Oct. 27th, 2008

stranger than fiction (

I did a blog search on "Timothy James Beck" to see what the kids are saying about us these days and found this entry on Jessica's Well where the reader almost threw When You Don't See Me away because Nick thought something that this reader felt was a slight against Republicans. Seems a little dramatic to me. But I'm glad the blogger kept reading and found something amusing enough to excerpt--without permission, but who cares? It's publicity--on Jessica's Well. What troubles me, however, is that this person appears to assume that characters, in this case protagonists, always reflect the views and feelings of their writers, and vice versa. If that were the case, I think the vast majority of horror and science fiction writers would be working from prisons and/or mental institutions, romance writers wouldn't have time to write, and crime/espionage writers would be employed by the government. I think this is a reader who would find reading more enjoyable if he or she would remember that fiction isn't reality.

Jul. 11th, 2008

trapped in the drive-thru (

I got back from a Jack In The Box run. I was kind of hungry because not only did I clean L____'s house today, but I spent an evening crafting with Becky, Lindsey, Rhonda, and Mr. Becky. I wish I could say what we made, but it was top secret craftiness. There was a creative energy in the air that I haven't felt since kindergarten. I'm glad Becky broke out the craft boxes tonight. Good times.

While I was scrubbing behind L____'s guest toilet today I got to thinking about all the people who have written and asked me when the next Timothy James Beck book is coming out. I thought I should probably address it here and say publicly what I've told those people in email. Which is to say that I have no idea. I'm sure that doesn't seem worthy of public mention, but it is because saying that compels me to finally put the ideas that have been forming in my head into an email, send them to my co-writers, and then say, "Is this a start of something? Is it worth turning into a book and, if not, any ideas on how we can build on it?"

Thinking about a plot for a book, cleaning, being crafty and having fun with my friends, it made me hungry. So I went to Jack In The Box, as I said, and I have to ask if I'm the only one who can go to the drive-through at any hour of the night and always get stuck behind a huge line of cars? There's a big curve in the drive-though line and it always looks as though nobody's there, but when I get around the bank of the curve there's always four of five cars ahead of me. I took Rex with me tonight, so at least I had him to talk to while I waited. I almost put the car in reverse, because I didn't want to wait, but the minute I looked behind me, someone else pulled in so I couldn't leave. Bastard. After what seemed like forever, I got my food, my huge Sprite, and I got the hell out of there. I got three sips out of my soda and it wasn't until the last turn onto our street, mere yards from the drive to The Compound, that my soda tipped out of the cup holder and dumped all over the floor of the passenger side, which has never happened to me before. I was furious for about a minute, which was enough for Rex to think he did something wrong, which in turn made me feel bad. But, on the upside, while I was scrubbing the floor of the car later and hosing down the floor mat, I figured out how I could work the whole thing into my book idea.


Jun. 1st, 2008

sell out (

Apparently, we dropped the ball and didn't promote WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME properly. Rather than dropping the ball, we should've dropped cash from a plane, like this guy. Lesson learned.

Apr. 2nd, 2008

talk talk (

Oh, look. An interview with Timothy James Beck.

Thanks, Ellen.

Jan. 8th, 2008

don't answer me (

I know my entries have been very heavy on the topic of dogs, so I think I'll pull a few emails and post a couple questions and answers today.

"...I just finished When You Don't See Me. Will there be a new TJB book soon? I think it's great that you're taking care of EZ. Does she get along with Rex? I hope you're taking care of yourself, too." - B.T., Virginia.

I'm glad you enjoyed WYDSM, B.T., and, if you haven't read them, I hope you like our other books just as much. We haven't discussed writing another TJB book yet, so I'm not sure when we'll have a new book for you to read. EZ doesn't get along with other dogs right now, because she's in pain and wants everyone to stay away from her. If I'd been hit by a car I'd probably feel the same. I am taking care of myself, thank you. I also have great friends taking care of me. I hope you do, too. Have fun!

"You seem to know a lot about dogs. I got a dog a few months ago. I love her, but she ignores me when I call her. Any advice? - C.J.W., Cornwall.

I don't enjoy giving advice, because if the advice I offer fails, then I'm to blame. And that sucks. But, I'll relate my experience and you can glean from it what you may. When Rex first came to live with me he often ignored me because he had lots of new smells to smell, new sounds to listen to, new things to taste, and new people to jump on. It takes a long time for a dog to feel comfortable in a new home. You'll see all kinds of new behavior as the months go by. Rex is a challenge because he has very strong energy and it takes a lot of energy in return to command his attention when he's fixated on someone or something. When his energy is focused in a negative way, it's very natural for me to want to say, "Rex! No!" But what I realized is that I was sending mixed messages to him by saying his name when he did something wrong. It's difficult for him to distinguish between Rex, do what I'm saying because you're being bad and Rex, come here because you're good. And, if you're a dog like Rex who probably hears the stern tone of voice saying your name, why would you want to answer to it? Once I thought about that, I tried to only say Rex's name when something positive happened. Good boy, Rex Or, Sit, Rex. Good Rex, if he managed to sit when asked, etc. Or, even while we were just hanging out, watching television, I'd hug him, pet him, and say, Rex over and over, so he'd associate his name with love. After a while of this, all I had to say was Where's Rex? and he'd come running. Try it! I hope it works.

Oct. 18th, 2007

you know i couldn't last (

Seeing this information, as well as this, has bothered me for days. Periodically I post some of the questions that people ask me via email. Although I've tagged this feature as FAQ, I've never posted the most frequently asked question, which would be this:"I live in _____, where can I buy your books?" You can fill in that blank with nearly any location in the world. Before I answer I do my best to research their location to see if I can direct the reader to a glbt bookstore. If there isn't one, I'll try to find an independently owned bookstore. If there isn't one, I'll direct them to a chain store, but also add a link to an indie store that might ship to them. As a last resort I'll refer them to our publisher. Unfortunately, I'll have a difficult time referring readers to Lambda Rising from now on.

Oct. 5th, 2007

ask (

How difficult was it to get published? - EJ, New Jersey

Hmm...this is where I have to give one of those "That depends" kind of answers. It took us a while to write our first novel, because we weren't writing a novel. We were only writing to entertain each ourselves and each other. After ten chapters, which may have taken over five or six months to write, I forget, because my mind is like a colander, we realized we had a novel. We finished it, and then came the task of trying to find a publisher to print it, or a literary agent to represent us. We sent out forty query letters to agents and publishers and received forty rejection letters in return. That probably happened over the course of two or three months. Then an editor wrote back and said he'd work with us to develop our manuscript into a better novel. Then he vanished off the face of the earth. Then ten more rejection letters, and then Becky and I read Andy Schell's novel, MY BEST MAN. It was similar in style to our manuscript and he was kind enough to thank his agent. We looked up her contact information, wrote to her, and she agreed to represent us. In no time at all she found a publisher for our book, and shortly thereafter we were signing contracts. So while it took some time to find the right agent and publisher, it all happened really fast.

I'm in the process of starting my first fiction book and need some input, advise, ideas, you name it. I'd be happy to work with you, chat, collaborate, whatever. - BC, Missouri

Thanks for asking, BC, but I'm not searching for another co-writer as I'm more than happy not writing with the ones I already have at this point in time. My agent and publishers advise me not to read unpublished material. The only exception to that rule is if I solicit stories for an anthology as an editor, or solicit work in an editorial capacity. I think my time is valuable, so I charge a lot. However, you don't need me. All you need is one friend who isn't afraid to give you their honest opinions to read your writing. Remember to listen to this person's opinions and reread your manuscript with an objective eye, and then make any necessary revisions. Find another friend, and then repeat, until you're satisfied that your manuscript is as close to perfect as it can possibly be.

do you use entries from your journal or from your friends journal as themes in your books or do you work more from anecdotes from your own life? how long have you been in houston? do you prefer living in houston or would you rather be back in the northeast? do you really not get out? - CC - email address withheld

I can't speak for my collaborators, but I don't think I've ever used my journal entries for my writing. My journal is more like a diary, or thoughts about writing in general. Although, there is a tag that I use called "random thoughts," and those entries are sometimes thoughts that I think might be good material to use for my writing at a future time. While I may occasionally find inspiration in real life situations, or conversations with friends, the vast majority of what I write is fiction. I have a vivid imagination. Plus, I'd never force a real life anecdote or situation into my writing if it wasn't true to the main character I'm writing at that time.

I've been in Houston since October of 2001. I like Houston, but I do prefer New England or New York. Maybe one day I'll move back. The climate in New England is probably better suited for my well being.

I don't get out much. I'll put it that way. Although, in May I went to New Orleans and New York City. That was pretty amazing. I lived in NYC for ten years and, during that time, I went out a lot. Now, I'm content with solitude and reflection. I do leave the house from time to time. But when I do, I encounter people and they largely disappoint or annoy me. The only people I see at home are the people with whom I live and, luckily, I really like them.

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