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Aug. 28th, 2008

shut the door (

I've mentioned before how the real places and people that the Timothy James Beck writers include in our works of fiction always seem to vanish forever. Last night Mr. Becky went to Ming's--which Becky and I used for a scene in THE DEAL--to pick up our dinner, only to find it closed. He said there was a sign in the window. However, unlike our novel, the sign didn't explain that Ming's was closed for a party. Instead, it urged people to visit their Austin location. I love Ming's wings, but I'll be damned if I'm going all the way to Austin for them.

Jul. 1st, 2008

ymca (

There's a long running joke between the Timothy James Beck writers that anyone and anything we write about will cease to exist after our books are published. It's somewhat eerie that The Big Cup, Crossroads Books and Market, Lobo, Anna Nicole Smith, Don Knotts, the Gulf Coast of Mississippi...closed, gone, damaged, etc., and we mentioned them in various books. And that's an impartial list. Coincidence? Yes. We take no responsibility. In chapter two (Susan B. Anthony's Birthday) of THE DEAL Becky and I wrote a scene where Aaron and Alexander go to the YMCA in downtown Houston, whereupon Alexander meets "Blue Shorts" and whacky mayhem ensues. Today I see this headline on my Google homepage: Landmark downtown YMCA to soon face demolition

Another one bites the dust.

Apr. 3rd, 2007

sweet sixteen (

Sixteen people emailed me, all with different ways of saying Loved the Al Camino video. Wasn't Al Camino the name Alexander used in THE DEAL when he worked in the porn industry? Yes! I love it when people remember small details like that. I'm glad y'all liked our book enough to remember that and write to me about it. Sixteen people might not be sixteen million, which is probably why THE DEAL is out of print, but you guys made my day. Thank you.

Feb. 17th, 2007

i write sins not tragedies (

It seems as though THE DEAL is out of print. How sad. You know that tired analogy where authors say they can't choose which of their own books is their favorite because it would be like choosing which of their own children is their favorite? At least children don't go out of print.
Father: It's late. Why isn't Jimmy home yet?
Mother: (looking up from paperwork) I'm not sure. Bobby, where's your brother?
Bobby: (staring rapt at television, mumbles incoherently)
Mother: Young man, I asked you a question.
Bobby: I just saw him at Billy McGinty's house an hour ago.
Father: (dialing telephone) I'll call the McGinty's. Dinner's almost done. Bobby, set the table.
Bobby: It's Jimmy's turn!
Mother: (distracted) Now where on earth is the Anderson file?
Father: McGinty? Hi, it's Jack Farthing. Is Jimmy still there? What? He is? Well...damn it...that's, I understand. These things happen. Have a good evening.
Mother: (searching briefcase for missing file) Is he on his way home?
Father: Our son just went out of print.
Mother: (dropping briefcase) What?
Father: Out of print. Not available.
Mother: But he had excellent reviews! Everyone he encountered loved him. I got letters!
Father: So did I. But he didn't sell well, I guess.
Mother: Bobby, set the table!
Bobby: But, Mom!
Mother: You heard me. Now!
Bobby: (complies, complaining under his breath)
Father: I just can't believe this. What do we do now?
Mother: We can write and ask that our son be printed again. If he's not printed again in nine months time, then the rights revert back to us. Someone could decide to make a movie about our son in that time, and he could be back in print again.
Father: I don't think our son was movie material.
Mother: Jack! What an awful thing to say.
Father: Nine months...we could write another son in that time.
Mother: Or a daughter.
Father: Only if she's precocious, extremely bright, and solves mysteries.
end scene

Apr. 7th, 2006

the music never stopped

We definitely write fiction, but every now and then certain people or circumstances from real life will work their way into our writing. I would never say that any of our characters are based on real people, because our characters are fiction. But sometimes, to round our characters out, we'll borrow certain phrases, gestures, mannerisms, from our friends. A good example of what I'm talking about is Alexander Casey in THE DEAL. Alexander is a musician, so I thought about all the musicians I've known. And there are many. My personal experiences in music began when I took violin lessons and played in a community youth orchestra. In this era, during the teenage years, one of my friends during all escapades orchestral was one Andrew A. Libby. Andrew was kind, funny, and extremely talented. All traits I wanted Alexander to have in THE DEAL. Before Andrew took off for parts unknown in a restored VW Vanagon, he taught himself to play acoustic guitar. My memories of Andrew at that time are of him constantly bringing his guitar with him everywhere and playing it at random times, which Alexander does, too.

Unlike Alexander, Andrew does not secretly score music for gay porn movies.

A few months ago I got an email out of the blue from Andrew. He's now a family man, living in the Southwest with his wife and beautiful daughter. From our emails I've happily discovered that he's still the same kind, funny, and talented guy I knew back in Maine. And he's still playing guitar. He sent me his most recent CD, titled Wookum, and it's frickin' amazing. Andrew recorded it himself, and all of the songs are a single track with no overdubs or effects to preserve the live experience. I highly recommend contacting Andrew at to get a CD for yourself.

Click here to listen to a short sample of the title track Wookum by Andrew A. Libby. (may take a while to download, depending on your connection.)

1. Wookum 5:56
2. A Dark Shade of Blue 8:06
3. Funk Defino 5:54
4. Mountain Melody 4:34
5. Hip Doo Dittle 5:16
6. Good Heart Ruffled 4:16
7. Four Pounds of Hammer 9:05

Jul. 29th, 2005

River's Excellent Adventure

River and I went to the vet again today. I really can't get enough of that place, and obviously neither can he. He was just excited to get out of his crate and go for a ride. The big guy had his four week post-heartworm treatment check-up. They also tested his blood to make sure he's clotting well. Dr. Ward was still in surgery, and a really cool Vet Tech took his blood, etc.

When I got home, I looked over the receipt again ($180 this time. It's getting better.), and realized I forgot/they forgot to give me his Heartgard. So I had to go back. This time I took Margot and Guinness, because they really wanted to go for a ride and I thought I'd take them to the dog park on the way home. They had fun running around w/the other dogs. However, after five minutes Margot was over it all. She really doesn't enjoy being around other dogs. (I wonder where she picked up that behavior? hmmm.) Margot kept running to the entry gate and tried to get through the little crack in the doorway. She was all, Get me outta here! Then she'd run back to me, back to the gate, back to me.

It looked like rain, so I indulged her. It started thundering on the way home, and I don't know how she heard it over r.e.m.'s Murmer CD. She did her best to cram herself in the foot area under the dashboard on the passenger side of the car. Guinness was passed out in the backseat, after playing hard with a standard poodle.

We got home and Dr. Ward had called and explained everything about River to Becky. Back when River and his liver collapsed, his ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase) levels were off the chart and couldn't be read at the clinic. They had to send away to get an accurate reading. His levels were at 9000. Normal range is about 100. Today his ALT level is 118. Even though that's considered high, we're all thrilled with that. We're not doing the second dose of Immiticide, because we don't want to put his system out of whack again and I'm all for that. Since we're starting him on Heartgard, that should kill off any heartworm microbes that may be left in his system. He's going off the Vitamin K for the weekend, and on Monday we'll (go back to the frickin' vet and) do another clotting test. Today's clotting time was two minutes, which is good, so Monday we'll see if we can clot on his own, without Vitamin K. At fifty dollars a pop, I sure hope he can.

So this is all good! He can come out of confinement, and hopefully I can stop treating him like a used Pinto, as if he'll explode upon impact. I'm going to work him slowly, take on short walks, short play periods, etc. Build him up. Get our three thousand dollars worth.

I was thinking, while River was having his blood drawn, that if someone makes a movie based on THE DEAL and we get to help produce it, Becky and I can start a production company and call it River's Liver Productions. Doesn't that have a great ring to it?

Dec. 14th, 2004

the deal

The delightful new novel from the authors of He's The One and It Had to Be You. New Year's Eve, 1999. Millennium celebrations light up the sky from Sydney to Seattle. But in the Houston living room of Aaron Fisher, the fireworks have fizzled! A gathering with his closest friends has devolved into a depressing deconstruction of the sad state of all of their love lives. Fed up with the moaning, Aaron comes up with The Deal: They all have until next New Year's Eve to find true love or stop whining about it. The ensuing 12 months will answer many questions: Will Patrick, Aaron's straight roommate be able to ride the waves as his girlfriend, Vivian, decides whether she is Betty Crocker or Betty Friedan? Having embraced her lesbianism (and turned her back on her trust fund,) will Miranda stop sucking the life out of every romance? Will Alexander stop dabbling with men's hearts the way he dabbles in music and his parents' bank account? And will Aaron keep his end of the deal when the truth is he's happy with a life of bar buddies, gym buddies and bed buddies? It's a year of surprises for all of them, as they take on unfaithful husbands, vindictive rumormongers, well-intentioned stalkers, pixie drummers who write bad poetry and marauding palmetto bugs. But most of all, they will discover much about themselves through the surprising, touching and hilarious revelations produced by a year of exploring the nature of love.

Note: The Deal is currently out of print as of 2007.

click here to purchase The Deal from
click here to purchase The Deal from barnes&noble.comclick here to search Book Sense for an independent bookseller near you and purchase The Deal

Dec. 5th, 2004

OutSmart article is here

December's OutSmart Magazine is out already. Wow, where the time go. There's a nifty little article in it about Becky and me. I'm really psyched that they included us. (Thank you, Tim Brookover!)

The picture's great, too. Isn't my desk crazy? It's all crammed with stuff. Right next to my hair, you can just make out Mercutio's little urn. Merc is a lengendary kitty. Okay, he's notorious. In the next little cubby is a blue candle with books behind them. Somehow, they've yet to catch fire. There are Timothy James Beck paperbacks in the next cubby, for reference, because I can't remember EVERYTHING. Becky can, but I can't. Above those is a wee Buddha. And then, there's my PowerBook. Now y'all know what my work environment looks like. The behind the scene view.

But when I work, I face the other way.

Nov. 29th, 2004

voice review

You can't see me, but I'm laughing. Check it out, the Houston Voice reviewed THE DEAL, and the reviewer doesn't believe that Becky and I live in Houston. Granted, I moved here from NYC a little over three years ago, but Becky's lived here for sixteen years. It makes me giggle though, because if I'm not living in Houston, then where the hell am I? I only wish I knew what a "Houston vibe" is. Our characters drive everywhere. Miranda even has big hair. Did they not eat enough ribs? I guess we weren't descriptive enough. That's a fair assessment, I suppose. Still, if we described every nook and cranny of this city, the setting would've surpassed the storytelling. Anyway, it was a pretty good review nonetheless, and I think it's awfully nifty of the Houston Voice to review our little book.